08 May 2018


                                      A highly qualified relative of mine drawing a good amount of pension money after retirement wanted some dwarf varieties of fruit bearing plants at Bhubaneswar. He has no bad habits but to please his wife he ordered for ‘plantain/banana seeds from a reputed American company.
                                       His wife leaked this news to me. “For each seed germinating you would get hundred rupees from me” I said.
                                        He prepared a pot with outmost care with cow dung and good river bed soil and implanted those seeds on 1st of April -2018.He would sprinkle water and covered the pot with a net and watched every day morning for the dwarf seeds to germinate.
He did not lose heart and planted rest of the seeds on 1st May. He is still hopeful the seeds may germinate. Earlier he has tried with dwarf orange seed without success. His wife is fond of banana fruits but alas nobody knows whether he would be able to present his wife with some dwarf fruits during this life or next birth?
When confronted he said “These are experiments, you see, some succeed others fail, that’s science! There is no harm in trying”.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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