21 May 2018


Doctor Pratap a busy practitioner was approached by a medical representative (MR) to prescribe certain product, which had a gift after three months. It was a protein powder used as a tonic for weak pateients.Pratap tried to prescribe as many as possible for his patients whether required or not. After completion of four months doctor was waiting for the gift. One day Pratap observed that his friend Mohan was coming in a red colored new Kinetic scooter. Doctor Pratap was surprised to see the new scooter with a miser friend, who till then was coming to his clinic in a fourteen year old bike!
“How much it cost you”?
“Forty five” he said.
“Nice colour, milage?”
When the same MR came to doctor Pratap, he confronted him and reminded him about the gift.
“But, sir you have not prescribed a single one?”
Doctor did not argue with the MR and kept quite.
Next day Pratap went to the medicine shop where that product was available. He checked with the pharmacist who said “he was asked to write the doctor’s name as ‘Mohan’ in all the receipt by the said doctor, he was a relative of mine, you see”. That was the last time Pratap prescribed any product keeping in mind of a gift!

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