19 May 2018


Why no topper ever said in any interviews that he or she would be the CM of his state or a politician? Because it’s very difficult and need lots of intelligence and presence of mind. Similarly no one says he would be a poet or a writer?
Those people who are shouting and criticizing the politicians are to be blamed first, because these politicians are selected through secret ballot by the people of the state and country. These horses were sent to assembly and parliament by the people not by auction. Hence the so called horse trading is an indirect insult to the people of India. Intellectuals please stop grumbling about the SC verdicts and politician but keep quiet and watch the race. It’s a political game, enjoy it and do not get too much involved in it and invite stress related diseases.
Just think if BJP loses the vote today you will get few lakhs as bet or become a BR?There was a black and white Hindi film by I.S.Johar “Hum Sob Chor Hein”

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