29 May 2018


There is a saying in cricket—the game is not over unless the last ball is bowled! This is applicable in every field of life. Recently the BJP started celebrating when some TV channels showed a figure of 114 seats but in ten seats they were leading and counting was going on! They should have waited till the EC declared the result!
Similarly in a very important intercollegiate cricket semifinal match between Khalikot vs. Ravenshaw College, the Cuttack team was over confident after they bowled out their opponent for 78 runs. Remember there was only one university in Orissa—Utkal University. The captain said “boys, the drinks are on me”. They started celebrating like BJP team. Ganjam people are fighters they do not give up easily and they do not like the Cuttack people and its players for their sledging habits.
Ravenshaw got out for exactly 78 and it was a tied match. The Khalikot captain had done his home work and knew the rules—“in case of tie, the match to be decided by toss of coin.”But Ravenshaw captain was adamant and told the opposite captain for a replay next day, to which the Khalikot captain did not agree. There was lots of argument and became a law and order problem. There was exchange of blows between extra players. The chief of the organizing committee Mr.Banerjee and PVRMurty were called to settle the issue with laws and by laws books of Utkal University Cricket Tournament. The law was very clear—Toss of Coin.
Khalikot won the toss and the match but they lost badly in the finals. Many of the players are still living but might have forgotten that match.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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