05 June 2018


The super bugs of society?
On a Sunday morning Biplab went to his neighbor’s house to bring some curry leaf (ଭୁଶୁଙ୍ଘା ପତ୍ର)|
Before he could open the main gate, the son of the neighbor, Indrajit came out of the house and said “parents are out to the temple”. He did not ask Biplab uncle to even come in and wait for some time.
“Where is your curry leaf tree (ଭୁଶୁଙ୍ଘା ଗଛ)?” Biplab asked.
“Let Mummy come she knows.” The young bare bodied 90+ percent super student said smilingly.
“You do not know where the tree is? I want some leaves for our sambar” Biplab said while wiping few drops of sweat from his forehead..
“I do not know about ଭୁଶୁଙ୍ଘା ଗଛ, can’t recognize it” the super intelligent boy replied.
“This is the tree just in front of your house, and you say you do not know it?”
“Actually uncle these things are outside syllabus has no meaning for us?”
The parents returned and the lady rebuked her son for not inviting uncle inside the house.
When Biplab expressed his purpose of coming, she immediately cut a small stem and handed over to uncle. She also added “they do not have time to know about useless things which does not fetch marks.”
Biplab smiled, while returning with a twig of curry leaves, he thought to himself--- these super achievers are like super stars of Indian film industry?

(A time passes story, nothing personal or no hidden agenda)

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