26 May 2009


Today i learned a lesson at a ripe old age of sixty plus.I referred a lady patient of mine to a gynaecologist for her abdomenal pain.The lady doctor met me after few minutes and said " Doctor don't you know a lady can live without some organs?". Then only did I realise my mistake- I had not asked about her surgical history-she had both her ovaries and uterus removed some twenty years back.
So one can live without testes,penis,uterus, ovaries,thyroid,breasts, appendix,eyes,hair and a big list of them.

23 May 2009



Exactly forty nine years back on a wintry evening, a five year old child named Tunu was asked to bring three pieces of cake from a near by railway station. The shop was on the platform number two. To bring those cakes one has to cross a shunting yard. His elder brother Kunu aged nine accompanied him for this venture. The person who sent these two kids was their fifteen years old, elder brother. He was very fond of these cakes made with eggs costing ten paisa each.
Two of their sisters and the father were not at home.
Minutes passed by then hours but there were no sign of those two brothers. The whistle of the steam engines was making the cake interested fellow more nervous. Have they lost the money? Have they lost their way? Was there any mishap? All sorts of thought came to the eldest brothers mind but he could not leave the house as another one year old brother was at home and he was the care taker for the time being. They have lost their mother some months back.

It was getting darker as the sun descended fast in the mango groove.

Exactly after two and half hours later two of the sisters along with those two brothers came in a rickshaw. The younger one Tunu had a bandage on the face. After few minutes the father came in his Raleigh bicycle. One left and then a right from father to the cake interested fellow made him realizes his mistake.
After the purchase of the cakes the two brothers were coming back home smiling but as ill luck would have it Tunu slipped and fell on the rail line and broke his nasal bone. Some one could recognize them as the children of an English professor and took them to a hospital. It needed three stitched plus the fractured nasal bone.
The doctor asked them to finish off the cakes which they were holding.
From then on the cake interested fellow never liked a cake as it reminded him of his mistake of those by gone days.
They are still living and as friendly as any one in the world but the mark on Tune’s nose reminds him of their childhood adventures.

Written by the cake interested fellow.

14 May 2009



1: ATM: The other day I was standing in the queue of a SBI ATM counter in the capital city of Bhubaneswar, Orissa. There were already four people inside. It was written on the glass door “Please go one by one”. When only two were left inside, the person behind pushed me and told to get in or give way. I told him there are already two people inside , why are you in a hurry.
“You are an old man you cannot understand the time constrains of young people” was the answer.
In the mean while a car came near by the ATM counter and started blowing horn as a bike had been parked in the middle of the road. One shop keeper who was standing in the queue removed the bike to a side so that the car can push off. The owner was inside the AC chamber of ATM counter. He was least bothered. After coming out he shouted to the car fellow in all sorts of filthy language and told the Samaritan that he should have noted down the car number! Instead of thanking the fellow who removed the bike from the road that fellow was in the firing line.
That was my first encounter of ATM culture at Bhubaneswar.
2: Helmet: Just in front my car two motor cycle riders were in a hurry but to their bad luck the traffic light tuned to red so there was no other way then to stop.After the light tuned to yellow they were half way then speed away and both of them removed the helmet and set their hairs, as if they were wearing the helmet for the benefit of the traffic constable.!!
3: Noise pollution: All the drivers at this capital city are horn friendly so be prepared for an ENT check up for your evening headache.
4: Road crossing: No zebra crossing no rules any one can cross the roads at any place with a hand symbol of congress to wards your vehicle. Be prepared or else your car goes in flame if your car hits a young girl. Most of them i.e.: ladies with a mobile on one ear would cross the road to your horror.
5: Parking of vehicles: It’s better to travel by three wheelers for a party then to take your own car.
6: Indicator lights: Do not rely on them a right blinker may go straight or may turn to left.Heavy vehicles do not believe in indicators, so save your self with common sense.
7: Blazzing head lights: Wear a goggle or an anti glare speck or you become blind very soon.
8: Mobile culture: Mobile tone is all of peculiar type starting from a child cry to a car horn to a Hindi film song. So do not react suddenly.
9: Eating in the party: Seen to be believed. As if most of them are having their last meal. It’s so noisy that hardly one can talk in side the hall.
10: Over taking: It may be on your right or left so drive straight as an arrow to avoid accidents.
Most of them feel proud what they do as mentioned above. That’s for you - an ODIYA culture? You to judge.


(click on the photo to get an enlarged view)
Some time back Indian Postal Service was one of the best in the world as regards delivering of letters and parcels.But of late it's in shambles thanks to the private courier service.This letter box you are seeing is in the capital(Bhubaneswar) of a state called Orissa.Letters written to the individual with proper address and pin code goes back to the sender with a remark "inadequate address".The people who work in these Indian post service get a good fat salary as well as pension but they just put their attendence and do other work.I had similar experience hence thought my blog is the best place to vent my feelings.

10 May 2009







08 May 2009



In a departmental store a new window was opened for exchange offer.

This was quite different from other stores. One can exchange live things only, from fish to dogs.

One man got disgusted with his wife and went to that store for exchange offer.

There was only one counter: “HUSBAND EXCHANGE OFFER”.

Our fellow was disappointed not to find a counter for wife exchange.

So he went to the Manager of the store and asked

“Why is this partiality for woman?”

The manager told him,

“Sir, we had that wife exchange counter with huge profits but the higher authority told ask to stop it immediately”

“But why?”

“There was stampede when we had a good looking lady for exchange, every one wanted to have her”

“But you had good intentions for the males”

“You know it and every one knows it but the women liberation group was the thorn on that business”.

“But how is this husband exchange offer doing”

“Nice sir, it’s the young generation who pays a hefty amount and goes for exchange”

“What about old couples?”

“Old ladies are more faithful to their husband, plus men- pause when they see a graying lady(menopause), hence no exchange offers.”

Both had a hearty laughter, when the sales girl entered manager’s office and said “Sir your wife has found an exchange.”