26 October 2011


There are millions of pseudo moralists in India but a handful who calls a spade a spade.P.T.USHA who has earned more laurels than all the Indian cricket team is dead right in criticizing the F1 racing in India.
She says " it's waste of money,99% Indians has nothing to do with it (excepting few who advertise for a particular brand of cement with a rye smile, my comment).After 20-20 massala cricket the spirit of Indian sports were spoiled.Only God can save the Indian sports."
Thank you madam we share your view.
After CWG(common wealth =siphoned to congress) scam lets hope there-will be another called F1 scam. So we have statues and racing tracks in UP!! as tourist attractions.Ha- Ha .This race will encourage our young drivers of two and four wheelers to kill more people on roads and lastly kill them selves.At least two to three lakhs young people die every year due to RTA(road traffic accidents) in India.Probably that has encouraged our government to have this dangerous sports to divert attention of people from Anna Haazare team activities.The money spent for building the track could have been utilized in a better way for maintenance of our dilapidated high ways.

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