17 October 2011


In last decade Odisha is going through a very bad cultural mix up. People have lots of money and that too black money and need avenue to spend them and show off their vulgar wealth. Worshiping of Hanuman was a culture of North Indians only but in last decade due to TV shows and inter caste marriages this has been added to the list of festivals. The poring of water on Lord Siva during the month of Sravana was not there in Odisha but has taken a gigantic nuisance step over the years, so much so that those four or five Mondays it’s a night mare for the train and bus travelers. The Kadua chout was not heard off some years back. The dandia dance is another show off business in odish capital city of Bhubaneswar. Rakhi purnima too has been commercialized; no more that sacred brother and sisters relationship is to be seen any where during that day. Over and above the other festivals of North India has slowly and surely spread to this poor state in last decade. May be this has some thing to do with our Odiya boys getting married to north Indian girls .The parents of brides from north Indians are too happy to give away their daughter to these meek and mike Odiya boys with minimum of dowry fees. So much so that I find Odiya people are talking in Hindi with their wife and children at home!!So much is the sacrifice with our Odiya culture by our Odiya boys. They do not talk in their mother tongue while traveling and speak in horrible Hindi or English with fellow passengers.
As such Odiya have 465 days festivals as if that was not enough they are now mixing culture of other states to make it a khichidi culture state of India. May be some one will award a Bhat ratna to Odisha for cultural remix!

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