10 November 2011


Before we go for kidney failures we must know its duties so that one can give due respect to this silent worker.We are born with one million nephrons in each kidney.A nephron is a working unit of kidney.Every ten years we lose around 100000 nephrons.Kidneys filter out 180 liters of blood every day out of which we have the filtrate called urine which comes to 1.5 to 2 liters.The few functions are
1:Water balance
2:Electrolyte balance
3:Metabolic control
4:Removal of waste products from the body.
5:RBC formation
6:Blood pressure control
7:Keeping your bones strong by producing Vitamin D along with skin.
8:Maintenance of blood pH and HCO3 along with the support of lungs.
9;removal of toxic substance from the system.
from the above functions you can imagine what will happen to you if both the kidneys go on strike? So,Please take care of these two beautiful organs of the body before irreversible damage occurs to them.

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