25 November 2011


The stage is the place where every one goes after death(may be hell or heaven we do not know);
For important political events in India MKGandhi takes interview of recently dead persons.
Gandhi(G);How is the Indian democracy running?
Kishanji(K):Very bad Gandhijee.The present democracy is worse than British raj.
K: You were killed by bullets from an individual but democracy killed me!
G: But there must be some reason!
K:You see-they called you Gandhijee and me as Kishanji,still then both of us were victims of bullets.
G:You are too much of a Maoist than Indian, as far as I know.That might be the reason for your death.
K:But?After me another person has just now arrived from India, you better ask him.
G:Any new news? Sardarjee?
S:One of a Indian citizen has slapped a central minister.
G: On one side or both?
S:One side jee.
G:A true Indian should have shown the other side too.
S: But the military force did not allow him to do that, sir.
G:Is he a sardarjee?
S:Yes-You are dead right.
G: You see,actually I was given credit for the freedom movement in India but actually it’s the sardar jees who were the real heroes.
K:But the PM who is also a sadar has no such qualities of a sardarjee!!
G: You see they behave differently in different age.
K:How- jee?
G: 40-50years they behave like an ox.50-60 like a lamb,60 and above like a Parrot.
K:But why a parrot?
G:Because-they speak what is taught to them.

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