31 January 2012


The format is different, players are different, younger players, ball is different, sight screen is different, and pitch will be batsman friendly hence Indian players will take revenge.” AGNEEPATH” for OZ players. India is the recent World cup champion. Master blaster will score three centuries in this tournament and silence his critics, may be he will be player of the tournament! OZ will lose both 20-20 matches. Srilanka and India will play the finals. After few months people ,press will forget this 8-0 drubbing and Laxman, Dravid, Sehawg and Sachin will score runs in IPL and will continue to play till 2014!This is not an astrological prediction but is really what is going to happen. The bottom line is these aged players have political connections and contracts with multinationals hence the selectors have no guts to drop them for that reason they will go on playing. They play for own records, status and money but playing for the country has become secondary for them.

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