22 March 2012


It seems the PETA activists are only interested in drawing attention of press by going naked, nothing else.In the state of Odisha(recently changed from Orissa)every day an elephant is being killed by the villagers or the mafias but nothing is being done.Please read my article the ruthless killers of elephants in Orissa and find out how cruel are the people of this state.The government is in power for more than 12long years and nothing is being done to prevent killing of wild animals.Hope the PETA group will get up from their lathery.This news print is in Odiya(22.3.12)which states a 12 year old elephant was poisoned to death for peanuts.This peanuts means the amount of money which would have fetched from sale of the harvest would not have been enough to purchase even a motor bike.

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