24 March 2012


Do you know the answer? If yes do not read further or else go ahead and read this.
Celebrity (rich & famous) and the poor working class both group take drug and have illicit sex, the rich takes it to forget the past and the later to forget the future. Both feel in secured in life hence takes to drugs. Here the drugs vary from cheap dendrite and country liquor to costly LSD.
Actually the bad habit starts from childhood due to different circumstances. Of late many famous people have died due to drug over dose which has been projected as murder or poor heart condition ,cardiomyopathy etc but actual fact is these drugs are very dangerous, used as an anesthetic agents by doctors and have a narrow margin of safety. To get more kick the victims inject overdose with out realizing that it’s a lethal dose. I am actually surprised how these drugs are so easily and freely available to the celebrities? Poor die due to adulterated drugs as they want cheap kicks. Drug trafficking is a big business and no government can stop it with poor, corrupt, powerless police force and judiciary system. Drug habits are very old may be as old as man kind but of late due to depression, high ambitions, poor parental care, improper education and easy money the society is slowly and surely getting ruined. Unfortunately these idols of the present generation are these rich and famous not Vivekananda or Gandhi or Buddha. Due to drug effects people are going for perverted sex and crime. Present Indian youths are very much expert in aping the people from advanced countries hence drug use in India is quite disturbing and on the rise. Hope some sensible person will look it to this aspect and try some sort of reforms. Let’s not legalize homosexuality, illicit affairs, corruption, drug trafficking and prostitution.
Jai hind.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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