20 September 2012


What we preach do just the opposite .Like crossing an unmanned level crossing is more dangerous than AIDS. In one you get killed in seconds the other one takes years still then people go for unprotected sex with strangers and prostitutes thinking that nothing is going to happen to them. Similarly it takes less than few seconds for the train to cover hundred meters but the person driving the vehicle or crossing the rail line thinks otherwise. Of late lots of people get killed in India due to their own fault but the local mafias, public or politicians hold up the train or bus service, forgetting that some sick and serious patients are going for treatment or there is an interview or some important appointment for the passengers. Police reaches some three to four hours too late. Politicians seldom travel by train so they are not aware of the problem faced   by the passengers traveling by Indian Railways. This is definitely not a sign of civilized society.
Coming to family planning:  A lady gets money from Government (BPL card holders) during and after delivery of a child. A lady child gets money too. Abortion is legalized in India but female feticide is punishable offence for the doctor not the lady who willingly comes to doctor for abortion. Some places even non pregnant ladies get money due to nexus between broker and the lady.
Alcoholism: Most of the crimes are due to alcohol and other drugs but Government gets a huge amount of revenue from it hence are not concerned for the thousands of broken families and people dying of liver diseases. Alcoholism which was say 2% in 1960s must have crossed 20% by now.More people die due to alcohol related liver disease than hepatitis-B but govt encourages gays and alcoholism.
People are encouraged to buy house hold goods through easy loan facilities so that business houses help the political parties during election but they forget that we cannot provide adequate electricity  for these gadgets to run .Wide fluctuations of electric current  and power cuts has made India the leader in producer and users of voltage stabilizers and inverters(may get in to record books soon).Similarly the petrol price is going through the roof but people are encouraged to purchase large cars thanks to finance minister’s soft corner for car manufacturers..
We can’t improve our public transport system but we can organize commonwealth games, IPL and other mega events. Why? Because our brainy people are self centered and they do not face any problem once they become beurocrates, MLA or MP or President or PM as if they were born like that! The common man suffers.
The party which has won in three or four states is running the country with support of corrupt politicians and parties. Even the western media has mentioned about our corruptions and spineless prime minister.
 People are just watching like the lambs to the slaughter house, when petrol price will rise, when our transport system will improve when our children can have better education in schools and colleges. We produce doctors, engineers, teachers, buerocrates and advocates who are “chalata hai” type and the good ones run away to gulf countries or other countries never to return again except during father or mothers funeral functions.
We are thinking of sending Indian to moon and Mars for what we do not know ,may be to bring  drinking water for our common man .You just watch helplessly from the gallery for five years at the end ,you vote for the same corrupt person contesting with a different symbol. Our budget is prepared by World Bank  where our policy makers worked for some time, marketing strategy by USA and our politicians are just pawn in foreign hands.
We do not know where we are heading to; we are depending on foreign certificates for our country’s progress report.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy


  1. I find a lot of irrelevant and flawed statements in your post above.
    1. In your paragraph about family planning, your line "Abortion is legalized in India but female feticide is punishable offence for the doctor not the lady who willingly comes to doctor for abortion." There is a marked difference between female feticide and abortion, and without emphasizing the difference you have condemned both. I agree that female feticide is a heinous act, but how could you so blatantly state that the woman who seeks an abortion is to blame? It's atrocious how you've, without considering a lot of emotional and gender-biased factors, so conveniently blamed the woman. As a doctor and a responsible writer, I would expect you to be more concerned about how your statements are considered offensive.
    To clarify my concerns, let me state that abortion is the removal of a fetus while female feticide is the determination of the gender of the fetus and upon finding it to be a female, removing it purely on the basis of its gender. THAT is the difference!
    As for blaming the woman for getting an abortion, most cases of female feticide are the result of the husbands and the in-laws, in tandem with the doctor, upon finding the gender of the fetus to be a female, forcing the woman to undergo an abortion. In innumerable cases, the woman has been duped into getting an abortion by making them believe that they will be undergoing certain necessary tests, instead their pregnancy is terminated. This is often, not always, a result of the doctor using medical jargon to confuse the patient and leading them to believe that the medical procedure that is to be performed on them is not an abortion. Who would you blame in this case? And what about pregnancy resulting from rapes, incest and other such violent crimes against women? Do you blame a woman for terminating such a pregnancy?

    2. Again, your statement "More people die due to alcohol related liver disease than hepatitis-B but govt encourages gays and alcoholism" is so ridiculous. I do not understand how you brought homosexuality into the equation. which apparently was dedicated to alcoholism. You have unnecessarily thrown homosexuality into the fray without any prior references to the topic, which makes me, as a reader, discount your entire paragraph because clearly you have no focus on the issue that you're trying to highlight.
    3. "but people are encouraged to purchase large cars thanks to finance minister’s soft corner for car manufacturers." And what exactly do you base this statement on? Your opinion alone or do we actually have solid facts to support this?

    I have pointed out 3 glaring issues in your piece and I have seen a few more. The whole idea of writing this comment is to remind you that as a responsible writer and as a doctor, when you address certain issues, you ought not to let your blind biases affect and distort facts, since that leads to you putting forward flawed statements and eventually, either misinforming the readers or leading your readers to discount you as a serious writer.