13 September 2012


Before some foreigner advice us to use(revive) Indian postal service, let's start writing a letter to our relatives, friends, writers and politicians with a post card or an envelop or inland letter.A simple envelop by couier costs you between 35 to 50 rupees where as through postal it's only Rs5/-  Many people (new generation) do not know this , unless taught by filmstars in TV,a simple meghdut post card costing 25 paise or the other usual post card costing 50 paise can be used to send message which are not urgent to any parts of India.Why not develop  letter writing habit and utilize our postal service which is cheapest and the best in the world.Next time you visit your friend's house, present his or her grand son or grand daughter with a bunch of post card with your address written on it?Lets start it from today.Thank you.

As of 31 March 2011, the Indian Postal Service has 154,866 post offices, of which 139,040 (89.78%) are in rural areas and 15,826 (10.22%) are in urban areas.
 It has 25,464 departmental PO s and 129,402 ED BPOs. At the time of independence, there were 23,344 post offices, which were primarily in urban area. Thus the network has registered a sevenfold growth since independence, with the focus of the expansion primarily in rural areas. On an average, a post office serves an area of 21.23 sq;km and a population of 7,114 people. This is the most widely distributed post office system in the world. The large numbers are a result of a long tradition of many disparate postal systems which were unified in the Indian Union post-Independence. Owing to this far-flung reach and its presence in remote areas, the Indian postal service is also involved in other services such as small savings banking and financial services.
 The Indian Postal Services were established in the current format largely under the East India Company. It was first established under the name "Company Mail" in 1688.Mr.Robert Clive started Postal System (Jamidara Pratha) on 24.03.1766 in West Bengal. The first post office of the Company Post was established at Kolkata in the Dancing House Haveli of Navab Siraju Daula situated in Tank Squire of Kolkata on 01-04-1774.

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