12 November 2012


By sanjoy kumar satpathy-Atmananda Saraswati

The mind of a worried person by desire will have no rest. With
desire it will trouble you, concentration becomes impossible.
Desire is the fire in your body; it reduces you to
ashes. Contentment is the effective way to destroy
 The mother is the pillar of the home,of society, of
the nature and so of humanity itself.Mothers must know
the secret of mental peace,of inner silence,of
spiritual courage, of contentment, which is the
greatest wealth and of spiritual discipline, which
gives lasting joy in a family!
Contentment is the hallmark of a successful & a happy man.
Bereft of contentment, he's very unsuccessful. That's
the reason why we meet people with lots of money. We
come across people with high positions, with high
accomplishments, but yet with a sorrowful, miserable
life. Why? No satisfaction. Why is there no
satisfaction? Because there is no confidence to begin
with. So self-confidence, it confers the
self-satisfaction which is nothing but the
contentment. 'One must know what he/she has done. He is happy with
the results.' That is self-satisfaction.Contenment does not mean not improving one self but rather trying the best of what ever he or she is doing, then contenment comes.With out a try contenment is bad as it will lead to an inferior product.
 If you want your child to learn how to treat others with respect, you need to model that behavior for them. If you want young ones to value the importance of education, make sure you demonstrate just how important school really is. And if you want your kid to learn contentment, they need to see it in your life first.Parents often forget that they are the biggest role model their kids will ever encounter. If you want your child to be content with what they have, you must lead by example.  Contentment, simply put, is living within your means. It means you are thankful for what you have and don’t get upset thinking about the things you don’t have.

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