14 November 2012



Situated 44 kilometers from the district head quarter Baripada of Mayurbhanj district, state Odisha, India. By road it’s around 256 kilometers from Kolkata.
Many famous personalities have come out of this small village which was earlier  surrounded by thick forest but now by few  bamboo trees, to name a few they are Satkodi Hota IAS,Nihar Hota,IAS,Prof Basanta Satpathy,Monoranjan Hota,Jagdish mishra,Santanu Satpathy,Prof sumanyu Satpathy,Dr.Sorojini Acharya,Sabita pattnaik & Drsanjoy kumar satpathy.
To travel to this village you can do it by train or bus, but in any case you have to walk four to five kilometers. Communication wise this village has very poor connectivity. Electricity in summer and rainy season is supplied for few hours only and that too in 120 to 140 volts. As there are no mobile towers nearby your set many not be of any use. This village is inhabited by mostly SC, ST and OBC people. There are four nice ponds for you to take bath but no latrines so be prepared to defecate outside.
Pandhda: Weather wise very hot in summers and cold winter nights.
One small ME and high school exists in this village for many many years, may be 100 or more years. Driest place on earth, even if the whole of Mayurbhanj gets submerged under water this village will escape. Lightening prone village. Nearest hospital is 12 kilometers.
Nearby many nice picnic spots, people are poor but friendly.

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