24 November 2012


I was aghast to read “successful 2nd & 3rd marriages of celebrities” as the main news topic in certain news papers  & their web sites.
Articles have started appearing in different newspapers and blog sites about successful second or third wife of celebrities. The recent being the hyped marriage of  a film star who is not only a womanizer but also a trouble shooter be it in hotels or forest or roads. Similarly some of our MPs too have two to three wives.
High lighting these wrong aspects of social married life sends a wrong signal to our young generation. A time will come when these young people will change their wives like mobile phone sets. Where is the end? Does multiple marriages as highlighted in the glossy magazines and press about these film stars and sports people’s leads to better life?
Homosexuality is highlighted like a big achievement so also these marriages. Some of our sitting MPs in LS and RS are married twice or thrice and they are our young generation’s idols  & light house. Really bad. If these press people have nothing to write then why they are wasting the news print given by government at a subsidized rate?
Let’s stop this nuisance of high lighting these bad things of celebrities, as achievements and give a wrong signal for our next generation.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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