29 October 2015


Shakespeare: Nothing of its own self is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
First we must know what are the NCD(non communicable diease).The maximum number of deaths in the world due to NCD are much more than communicable diseases. Your emotional state affects the pH level in your body.Hurry,Worry and curry(food) these three are  responsible for majority of NCD.These are few NDC we know of--DiabetesMellitus, High blood pressure,Coronary heart disease,Chronic kidney disease ,strokes,macular degenaration,,Asthma,Cancer,Hyperlipidaemia,Depression,Anxiety,Eye disorders,Gout,APD and IBS.
Health problems with anger
The constant flood of stress chemicals and associated metabolic changes that go with recurrent unmanaged anger can eventually cause harm to many different systems of the body.

Some of the short and long-term health problems that have been linked to unmanaged anger include:
  • headache
  • digestion problems, such as abdominal pain
  • insomnia
  • increased anxiety
  • depression
  • high blood pressure
  • skin problems, such as eczema
  • heart attack
  • stroke.
Unhelpful ways to deal with anger

Many people express their anger in inappropriate and harmful ways, including:
  • Anger explosions – some people have very little control over their anger and tend to explode in rages. Raging anger may lead to physical abuse or violence. A person who doesn’t control their temper can isolate themselves from family and friends. Some people who fly into rages have low self-esteem, and use their anger as a way to manipulate others and feel powerful.
  • *Anger repression – some people consider that anger is an inappropriate or ‘bad’ emotion, and choose to suppress it. However, bottled anger often turns into depression and anxiety. Some people vent their bottled anger at innocent parties, such as wife, children or pets.
Expressing anger in healthy ways

Suggestions on how to express your anger in healthy ways include:
  • If you feel out of control, walk away from the situation temporarily, until you cool down.
  • Recognise and accept the emotion as normal and part of life.
  • Try to pinpoint the exact reasons why you feel angry.
  • Once you have identified the problem, consider coming up with different strategies on how to remedy the situation.
  • Do something physical, such as going for a run or playing sport. So eliminating or controlling stress is just as important as eating Alkaline Forming foods and liquids. If you do everything perfect in the part of the Alkaline Lifestyle that deals with the material world it will mitigate the effects of stress, yet the more perfect way is to achieve peace of mind.
Recent research says—it’s the acid and alkaline balance(acid base)in our body which makes one healthy and disease free.Once you get angry the pH changes and it takes hell of a time to come back to normal.The imbalance may cause damage in your system or cause death.You are the master of your body not your doctor or google search or books.The food you eat is what you are.Have you noticed widows live much longer after the death of their husband? Why?Because they lead a disicplined life,become more religious,eats vegetarian food,wears white dress which keeps their body and mind cool.After certain age in hot climate, eating red meat does not help.
To summerise.Control your food habits, anger and life style so that your body PH remains under control.
Thanks for reading this update article.
PS:Many doctors do not know this recent concept of body PH effects on health and diseases.

28 October 2015


This says in Odiya--75% rapes & farmer suicide are false.Both the rulling party and opposition party get money out of it.A fraud country called India.The irresponsible media and press spread news and also supress it to get quick money.Actually the farmers commit suicide after drinking too much spurious liquor or murder cases are projected as suicide.With Rs:1/kg rice and free electricity+300 rupees for old people and lots of freebie for every one plus vote bank money during elections has ruined the people of the villages.Two liquids runs the government in most of the states of india 1.Alcohol 2.Petrol

26 October 2015

An Appointment With a Tigress

The Premier Padmini was approaching Jashipur as the sun was on its way behind the hills of Simlipal, the place where the famous tigress Khaire once inhibited. She was treated like a Queen by her master Mr.Soroj Kanta Choudhury and Tiger Project Authority of India. Khaire was her owners pride but villagers envy.
There was no prior appointment with Khaire or with Mr.Choudhury by doctor Debabrata about his desire to meet the Queen of the jungle. Doctor was accompanied by his sister Binna, wife Kalyani and brother in law Bibhuti.The time was around 1730 hours but darkness had crept in stealthily in the foot hills of Simlipal on that early winter month of November. The new moon had cast a spell of darkness in the forest. Doctor a lover of animals and birds had a desire in life to caress a tiger and this was the golden opportunity he was waiting for. The car stopped in front of the iron gate of Khaire’s enclosure whether by reflex or by desire no one knew, as it was not in their programme of meeting the wild Queen in captivity. Doctor’s sister Binna, is one of the most nervous lady one could find as regards her reaction to animals or any creatures be it a mouse or a cockroach, so she said ‘nothing doing, she is not going to get down to watch Khaire’.
After long persuasions all the members agreed, so doctor Debabrata went forward as an emissary to met Mr.Choudhury. He introduced himself, handed over the visiting card and requested him for a favor of meeting Khaire.
“It’s already dark and she has finished her night meal and has gone inside the forest. Don’t know if you still dare to meet her which has some amount of risk involved. We usually do not entertain guest at this hour but you have come all the way from Rourkela and you are a doctor from Steel Authority of India. Yes-no children please. Let’s see if you are lucky to spot her.”Choudhury babu spoke in one breath.
“We would be grateful if you would allow us this opportunity. If any of us fall a victim to her then it’s worth it.” Doctor said excitedly.
“What about those two ladies?” Choudhury babu asked.
‘Don’t worry they are all brave ladies’. Debabrata commented with a wry smile.
They had a glimpse of the destructive imprints of Khaire on the walls, screens and the jumbled up pillows and mattress of Mr.Choudhury babu’s bed room, a reminiscence of her wild habits.
So Choudhury babu with another drunken forest guard with a huge wooden lathi and a torch accompanied these four strangers.  There was deafening silence intermingled with different notes of grass hoppers and howling of a jackal in the distance as the group proceeded inside the Sal forest of Simlipal. The sound of a falling dry leaf hitting the ground appeared like a cracker to Binna’s ears. There were instructions not to make any sudden noise or sudden movements as it may prove to be dangerous, after all a tigress inside a forest is unpredictable even if kept as a pet.
Doctor’s sister Binna was equally unpredictable of the four like the tigress but there was no going back and the doctor was very much excited, as it was once in life time experience of meeting a tigress in its natural environment. The radium watch of Debabrata was glowing in the darkness-time was 1925hours.
“Slow down, slow down she is nearby.” The six celled torch light was as powerful as that of a train engine was flashed by Mr.Choudhury babu from time to time as they progressed towards Khaire, a full grown huge Royal Bengal tigress inside the forest.
As the torch flashed all could see two reflections of bright lights with slight tint of blueness in it. Those are the eyes of Khaire.
“Khaire”. “Khaire”. “Come”- Mr.Choudhury called very affectionately as if she was a child; she stood up from her lying down posture and greeted them with a yawn.
“Stand still, she is coming towards us, no noise no movements.” warned Mr.Choudhury.
Debabrata who was next to Mr.Choudhury in the line watched with awe Khaire rubbing her body on the legs of her master. Doctor felt his own pulse, there were few dropped beats. First time in his life he was watching death in front. His sister & wife with all their lady courage were keeping still like statues. Then Khaire moved towards Debabrata. Should he or should not he was the million dollar dilemma in his mind but ran out of patience and slowly caressed Khaire as she rubbed her body on his right leg. Sweat was flowing profusely from his forehead but the life time desire was fulfilled. No one knew that the Doctor has done it. She made an about turn as if to pay respect to the ladies and roared in her disapproval for the disturbance in her den and vanished inside the jungle. After a cup of tea the group of four thanked Mr.Choudhury profusely and said good bye to Khaire and Jashipur.
Years have passed by, Khaire and her Master are no more, the place have a deserted look but the memories of that evening at Jashipur hunts Debabrata very often in his twilight years of life.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

24 October 2015


Is is expected from a civilized society?Is this Swacha Avijan?Or pollute India??The sound pollution,electricity theft,water pollution,air pollution and public harassment during and after festival have become a big nuisance in India!! Is this good in the long run?Someone should stop it.Not expected from a civilized society.There is no point in india trying to go to moon before that we should save our mother earth.

21 October 2015



                                                     ଖୁଶି ରେ ରୁହନ୍ତ----ନମସ୍କାର

11 October 2015

Dr.Soroj Kanti Mishra

Dr.Soroj Kanti Mishra was friend, philosopher,guide and also a good critic of me.We worked together for many years in the department of medicine.He retired as a director of IGH, Rourkela.Soroj was amongst those few of my friends who used to encourage me to write more of odiya short stories.He expired on 10th of October,2015, at Rourkela.Our family mourn for his untimely death.

07 October 2015


Vinod Mishra had the foresight to build a video hall (Mahalaxmi video hall) at Village Pandhda to entertain the people around that locality with both Hindi and Odiya films for a very nominal price.He was the ticket seller, gate keeper and video operator.He derived pleasure out of it but once the disc TV came and every house had a TV he gave up.The hall is in ruins.They are the unsung people of our villages.He was a school a teacher,priest,farmer,kerosene dealer, shopkeeper,Huller operator,good soul, helping hand at the time of need, expert swimmer.A patient of mitral stenosis.Blessed with 2 sons and a daughter.He is now 83 years old leading a retired life.

05 October 2015


·         While visiting places of worship and viewing the Deities or after meeting a elderly or a respected person our hands are automatically joined together in Namaskar. Namaskar is a sattva predominant impression on the Hindu mind, an action that maintains the rich heritage of Hindu culture. Namaskar is a simple and beautiful act of expression of divine qualities like devotion, love, respect and humility that endows one with Divine energy.
Nowadays, perhaps due to ignorance about the Science of Spirituality or the increasing influence of the western culture, many people shake hands.

  • Highest transfer of bacteria: Handshake
  • Lowest transfer of bacteria: Fist bump (high five was in the middle)
  • Difference: Fist bump less than 10% of bacteria transmitted compared to the handshake
  • Explanation: handshakes have the greatest surface area in contact, for a longer time
  • Zero with namaskar.
  • Lets have a namaskar day every day.Any thing related to Hindu or Indian culture is not bad.