02 July 2016

Drug Olympics

                                                               Drug Olympic

             Human body has certain limitation as regards physical strength, endurance, reflex and stability but experts say with drugs these limitations can be over come, hence the doping test in sports. 

                              Imagine an Olympic with drugs. Here all athletes are allowed to take any thing they like; there will be no restrictions on drug and no dope test as the name signifies. Even the public will be allowed to take beer (free with tickets, maximum 1000ml), it will be like the IPL cricket tournament in India.
There will be no boring events like marathon race, walking events, sword fight, and animal participation. Total period will be for five nights only.
 Except the referees, camera men, officials’ rest of the people in the stadium can smoke, take drugs. The athletes will not be asked which drug they take, not even the champions. There will be no sex bar. Ladies too can participate along with men and there will be no separate events for ladies but for each event there will be special prizes for ladies. An event where a lady comes first then the males participating in that event has to drink the urine of that lady. This is done to discourage under performance by male athletes and substandard participants. There will be no dress codes for participants.
What is the advantage of this type of Special Olympics?
You save the agony of the athletes. Millions of dollars are saved as laboratory staffs and chemicals will not be required for the dope tests.
As such most of the champions of past and present used performance enhancing drugs but went Scot free because of wrong sampling, faulty technique, bribery, money power and political interference. Take the case of Mario Jones, she was a different type of lady to have confessed about taking drugs other wise I think eight out of ten famous sports person take some form of drugs, be it in form of a diet (dogs meat, bull’s fat, tiger’s testes etc) or medicines or other methods which is not known to the doping experts.
If that be so let’s see, what maximum a human body can achieve in field events or other games and then compare them with the so called drug free sports stars? But the question is, was there a really drug free Olympic in recent years, say in last twenty years?

So friends lets wait for the sponsors to have an Olympic that will have retired or not getting a chance(dropped)  or banned athletes or those who do not want to participate in drug free Olympics. The prize money will be $50000(1st prize)$25000(2nd) $10000(3rd) but if tested negative for drugs he or she will be disqualified for next year. This Special Olympics will be held just six months prior to the main Olympics.
The peculiarity of this “Olympic” will be maximum 50 athletes’ will be allowed to participate from one country, no officials. The leader from each country has to be from the participating athletes of that country. Any individual can participate for any country but he has to become a citizen for at least two years before the event.
An event like this can only be held in a country where drugs are freely available and there is no punishment for drug users.
After an internet voting, the venue for the first “drug Olympic” will be decided. The dates will be informed in due time.
I wish some business house picks up this” golden Hen” and start the event before it’s too late. If a human body can run 100 meters in 5 seconds with drugs, then let it be why to stop this exciting future prospect of science and human limits? I think it’s worth it to get a gold and $50000 with drugs then lead a drug free life with out achieving any thing in life!!, why not die young(adverse effects of drugs) doing some thing which people will remember for hundreds of years, the choice is yours—“go and get it”. After the ‘Drug Olympic’ there will be analysis with other Olympics, if no statistical difference then no point in drug testing in further events.
NB: This is a satire but who knows it may be a reality in future.

Written by Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
House no4, Plot401/2362
At post: Patia
Bhubaneswar751031, India

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