02 May 2017


Ans: Best is to say no to ice-cream and other sweets for your own benefit. Forget those words of friends—“once in awhile does not matter”. Yes once in six months is allowed. If you are living to eat then go ahead.
4. Can I take alcohol?
Ans: If you are above 65 years and no liabilities choice is yours. Maximum allowed is 90ml twice a week. Reduce your food if you had a beer or hard drinks. Remember alcohol interacts with diabetes medicines and cause hypoglycemia!
5. Can we get our son marriage to a diabetic family? 
Ans: Difficult to answer. If your family is diabetic too then there are high chances of your grand children becoming diabetic in early age. Diabetic population must be reduced in the world by genetic counseling and diet restrictions.
6. Role of other family members for me? “Why we should suffer for him by not bringing sweets to home?”My wife says.
Ans: Big role. Family cooperation and support plays a big role for diabetic patients.
7. What is glycaemia Index?
Ans:  Glucose has a glycaemia index (GI) of 100.Food with high GI is bad for diabetics. Food must contain fibers.All soft drinks have a high glycaemia index, potato chips, candy, all Indian sweets have high glycaemia index.
SanjoyKumar Satpathy
Diabetologist, SAIL.


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