22 September 2017


                                                            Why all of us are not enjoying life of what we are and what we have? Remember we are in a country where things happen, it’s a very interesting and exciting country provided you know how to live in it.
Take for example if you go to Wal-Mart in USA ,nothing happens, where as when you go to big bazaar or vegetable market lots of events take place with and around you.In a vegetable market you may step on a bulls tail,get bitten by a stray dog or a monkey may snatch away your vegetables.
In USA no one talks with another person, even husband has to take permission before talking with his wife. Husband has no right to comment you sleep so late, “Good afternoon”. You may get a lawyers notice by evening. Whereas in India everyone talks, give advice and bring the PM or CM or demonetization topic or about the latest cricket scores in to discussion. Wife wives just can’t afford to sleep late even on Sundays. Of course after women liberalization and working woman things have changed in India, husbands have become very docile like castrated bulls.
                                                     There is no load shedding no argument at the counter no argument at parking lot, no angry arguments with another customer inside the market place over the blocked corridor because of your trolley.  It would be quite hot inside as the management has switched off the air conditioners to save some electricity. In a developed country everything moves like a machine. Whereas in India,which ever or whatever place you go things do happen.
When you come out you find four or five young people sitting on the bonnet of your car. Just smile and request them to move out or else you may be shot dead if it’s Delhi or Haryana!
I find most of the people are depressed, negative, full of advice, very few are interestinged in life. Every one copy and paste others sayings or quotations. It seems nothing interesting is happening with most of us and we are worried because of drop in share market or rise in petrol price or your friend has purchased one Audi where has you are still driving Santo for last 12 years! No one thinks that the same problem is with everyone but not all are unhappy or grumbling and increasing their sugar level or blood pressure? Let’s be happy with what we have and where we are. More depressed you get if you frequently visit foreign land and stay  with your sons or daughters for months.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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