08 March 2018



Sanjoy was feeling bored at home hence decided to visit his friend in a cancer institute of Bhubaneswar. He took one packet of Omfed Peda for his friend, who is very fond of sweets. There Sanjoy met one young man who had come with the photo images of his mother’s breast cancer, just to inquire how much it would cost him to treat his mother at that private hospital. Sanjoy’s friend an oncologist did not give any false hopes. They are four brothers, father is dead and he was the eldest in the family and works as a helper in a long distance bus.
The so called free treatment at Government cancer institute’s of Cuttack and other places of Odisha was a big hoax which Sanjoy could come to know from that young man who was looking very disturbed and anxious. The only treatment his mother received was high antibiotics for weeks without any effect. The prescribing doctor got his commission for those antibiotics. He had brought his mother few months back but no cancer treatment was started on her.
If any of you are interested to know the magnitude of cancer incidence in and around Bhubaneswar must spend few minutes in a month in any of these hospitals to watch the helplessness of patients and their relatives. It’s not that rosy as it’s projected by the news papers and ministers about cancer cure and help from government’s angle.
Here is a lady aged 42 years, widow with two grown up sons and another two still going to school. The eldest son who came with that photograph has been asked to bring his mother next day. A sympathetic surgeon has agreed to operate free of cost even though he is in a private hospital.
Sanjoy returned home in the hot sun and could hardly take his lunch. His wife asked “did you take something out side?’
“No. I saw the cancer stricken image of our society.”

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
Jt.Director SAIL.

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