22 March 2018


Water drinking is a simple and commonsense habit for which you do not have to go to a doctor or search Google .It varies for different age group, sex, professionals, countries, associated diseases, environmental temperature and urine output. Babies on mother’s milk do not have to feed water separately.
Please keep your drinking water in glass bottles or in earthen pots. Keeping water in used Pepsi, coca cola plastic bottles in side fritz is bad for your health. Avoid mineral water kept in plastic bottles. There is no fixed rule like one must drink one liter or two liters or three liters per day. As long as your urine color is not deep yellow means you have adequate water in your body. Our system is not like a commode that you drink plenty and flush out the garbage through kidneys.
Avoid drinking water directly from the fritz or icebox. Once you feel thirsty drink about 200ml.Drinking plenty of water after a heavy meal is idiotic idea, stop that habit. Pepsi or Coca-Cola after meals delays your digestion and produce lots of gas in intestine.
There are different guidelines for sportsman, pregnant ladies, and school going children, physical workers, diabetics, kidney failure patients, prostate patients, heart patients and house wives regarding how much water to drink per day.Ask your doctor for further advice provided he has knowledge about it!Water is essential for life. So ditch those plastic bottles in the dustbin and make way for good storage bottles.Do not make it dangerous for your health.Drink clean water!The rise in cancer incidence could be due to plastic in our system.It's common to see cold drink bottles kept in hot sun in India which is a dangerous practice.

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