11 July 2017


 Everyone including the CM and BJD members are beating their own drums. Tell me what is big deal about arranging an athletic meet at Bhubaneswar in three months time? The infrastructure was there, and then the international federation laid down the track necessary for the sports meet.There is hundreds of hotels and apartment for officials and athletes to be accommodated in the capital. Earlier days arranging a sport meet or marriage reception was a big deal but now you book the hotel or social homes and the reception would be a success. Money power which probably the poor state Odisha has plenty as it is obvious from the donations and prize money for the road accident victims and sports persons, even if they won bronze medals are plenty. Tell me whether the political meet and international film festivals in past were organized or not in short time? Jharkhand is a new state and they do not have infrastructure for Asiatic meet plus it was not the proper time to have an international athletic meet. The lady athletes were asked to run in rain during the meet at Kalinga stadium; they knew that and backed out. Even Bengal refused because they knew that it’s not a big event with handful of Olympic medalists in the competition. Every year Odisha organizes RathaYatra without any problem. Compared to that this sports meet was a peanut gathering.
Just after the meet the rain clouds opened up and we have flooded street in the best smart city of India. Before someone called Bhubaneswar a smart city they should better go to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.
Enough is enough about the concluded sports meet. It’s a unique event where the same person opened and closed the athletic meet! Odisha does not get a single IPL match nor is a single player from Odisha selected amongst two hundred cricket players. The last test match was played some decades back, where as Ranchi had one only a few months back. Yes we appreciate our organizers who know how to organize football, political and athletic meets but lack ideas regarding development of the state in true sense. Lastly the prestige of the state and Odia people were tarnished because of 

a single athlete from the state, due to whom the country was disqualified in two events.
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