19 October 2017


(So many beautiful woman remained unmarried in life, some are known but majority are hidden treasures.Here is a story from that hidden treasure)
                                                                                         Years gone by most of the novels were written by doctors or the stories and dramas were from hospitals. Engineering institutes were dead after sunset, where as medical colleges were full of life 7/24.Hardly any lady students went for engineering course those days. There was and is lots of envy between engineering students and medical students. Now that fifty percent students in engineering colleges are ladies there are interesting romantic stories of late from those institutes as well. Those days’ doctors used to spend half of his life with nurses, lady students and lady doctors where as engineering students lead a dry and unromantic life during sixties which lead to the rivalry. Without going further in to hornet's nest,we start the story of Binodini.
Sanjoy* was a house surgeon in a medical college when he first time watched Binodini performing an Odisi dance on a college annual day function.That was love at first sight. But she had too many lovers from senior students to teachers to senior teaching staffs. She was too beautiful to be described. Those days’ nurses were from lower middle class or poor families with poor financial status of their parents. During Sanjoy’ posting in the obstetric wards he met Binodini for the first time. She assisted him in delivering a baby of a prime. Sanjoy was nervous because of two reasons, the closeness of Binodini and lonely nights where no one to help in case of complications.Binodini encouraged him and also suggested Sanjoy certain medical steps which helped not only the mother but also the nervous doctor. That was an eventful night in the life of Sanjoy, which still lingers on and on in his mind on sleepless nights while traveling in the sleeper coach of Rajdhani Express .Binodini  shift duty changed so also sanjoy’s.After three months of house job in O&G ward Sanjoy assignment changed to other wards. They did not meet again for months until one day when Sanjoy was admitted in student’s cabin for typhoid fever.Binodini was the staff nurse on duty. Her Intramuscular injections were painless may be due to her method or beauty one can’t say. One night Binodini stood near the bed as if she wanted to speak out something. To clear the deafening silence of the ward Sanjoy requested Binodini whether she would mind if he asked her some personal questions? She did not answer, just frown her eyebrows. Again Sanjoy asked why that mark in her throat? Still she did not answer and went out of the room.
Next night she came of her own and took a stool and sat beside sanjoy.You have hawk like eyes to have noticed that mark which is covered with my high collar dress. That mark is the mark of a tracheotomy wound. Now listen the rest of my story, no questions or interference in between, OK? Binodini with her enchanting smile with moist eyes started
“When I was a student nurse I fell in love with a handsome house surgeon Chittaranjan and we decided to marry but the problem was he was from a higher cast and the only son of his parents after six daughters. We changed garlands in a Kali-temple .He was on his way to bring his parents to me to finalize the marriage dates. I waited for days but he did not come. I thought like all men he too has ditched me. Months went by when I came to know that Chittaranjan fell from the running train and died on the spot. That night I consumed the whole bottle of phenobarbital tablets but my roommate could know about it next morning and took me to hospital. I remained in coma for four days.A tracheotomy was performed for ventilator support. I survived but wished I were dead. The charm of life is gone. Now I am thirty two and have decided to spend rest part of my life as a spinster, never to get married.”She started to sob after venting out her pathetic life story which ended before it started.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

*This is an imaginary story and has no resemblance to any person living or dead.The name, in this story is no way related to this writer.


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