16 October 2017

Deteriorating Standard

There has been tremendous development in scientific field all over the World so also in India. We will confine our self to India only and compare the moral, quality, character and attitude Degradation of the people of our country. Let’s start with politicians: We had social activists and politician’s likeMKGandhi, SarbapalliRadhakrishna, Rajendra Prasad, Neheru, LalBahadur Shastri, Sorojini Naidu, Vinobha Bhabhe, Kripalini, Malavya and many more. But we have Karunanidhi, Mamata, Nabin, Jaylalita, Jetly, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, N.Sidhu, Laluprasad, RabdiDevi and the list goes on and on.
The dime a dozen nominated RajyaSabha members like Rekha, Sachin, Tirkey, many more who just been nominated for financial gains of the concerned party. They simply do nothing but endorse hundred of products. Many of these poor Rajya Sabha MPs have their own aeroplane.We had enough of politics, let’s switch to cricket.
Now a day, gentleman like GRViswanath, Wedekar, Nabab of Patuadi, Prasana, Venkat, Kirmani, Sardesai, Solkar, Borde and Kundaram are difficult to find on a cricket field. They have been replaced by Azarrudin, Sidhu, Virat, Harbachan, Srisant, Shastri, Aswini, Gambhir and Gangulies.Unfortunatly these spoilt brats are the idol of our present generation.
Coming to filmdom it’s the worst of all. Actors and actress have been replaced by body exposing film stars who have very little knowledge of acting. There is a difference between “actors” and ‘star’, now everyone in Hindi filmdom is a star but only a few are actors. Gone are the days of hero, heroin, villain, comedians and dancers now we have actress who is a vamp, heroin, item girl, and villain and also an erotic model on the screen. The hero too is also a villain, thief, comedian and lover. Convicted criminals are our Hindi film heroes. The names of the films are in English, one never knows whether it’s a Telugu or Hindi or English film. People spend around five to six thousand for a group of four for a film, food and olla fare in a mall. They claim themselves to be common man and few of them have BPL card too? The actors of the class of Dillip kumar,Rajkapoor,Devanand,Balrajsahani,SunilDutt,Rajendrakumar,Rajesh Khanna,Uttam Kumar,Shammi Kapoor,Pran,Jiban,Mehemood, AshokKumar,Gurudutt,Reheman and Uttpal Dutt are gone replaced with Salman,Sharukh,SajayaDutt,Hirtik,Akhaya,Rajanikant and Ranbir.
Actors like Nassirudin, OmPuri, Shobna Azmi, SmitaPatel, and Dipti Naval are a vanishing tribe.Engish speaking white skinned means she is fit for Hindi films. Not a single present Hindi film heroin’s name is worth mentioning. Because they can’t act the camera man projects vital parts of heroin instead of her face. They can only act in glamorous roles! Dubbed dialogue delivery! Not a single actress of present era can dance like Vijyantimala, Hemamalini, Wehda, AshaParekh and Madhubala. Even the Padma and Ratna award and international Nobel award has deteriorated and highly politically motivated.
To summarize there has been a down ward trend in every field of our Indian society but due to technical help the new generation is able to earn a lot and our press people project our future is rosy with rosy colored notes.
SanjoyKumar Satpathy
(This is the first type of comparison article in my blog)

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