15 October 2017


How stress Kills:
A young IT engineer Abhinandan,married three months back and was leading a happy married life at Punjab.He was hardly 32 years a graduate from Bhubaneswar.Both husband and wife were employed and were leading a star life, money was no problem for them.Suddenly on the dreadful Saturday night (14th) he had a chest pain and on way to hospital he breathed his last.Recently Abhinandan had undergone routine tests and the cardiologist said”Every thing is in perfect condition.”This is an example of stressful life taking away young lives where money has no value?

The youths of today getup with these gadgets, go to toilet--eat with, run with, travel with and sleep with them where as their wife sleeps elsewhere.They want money at any cost.Develop stress and take to drugs and suffer.Once some one starts to bring office in to his bed room he or she is finished, no purpose in life.

posted by sanjoy satpathy. choose money or life?

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