13 April 2018


Drinks interval World Series Cricket.


During a Kerry Packer cricket series match, at drinks interval time few blonde girl used to enter the field along with the drinks trolley. Joe Garner seven feet four inches tall bowler was playing that match. The blonde while handing over the drinks to Joe Garner asked “Sir, you are 7/4 isn’t?”
With a husky voice Joe replied “yes mum”.
“Can you tell me; is it proportionate ever where in your body?”
Joe replied “in that case I should have been eight feet seven!”
Those who became cricket addicts in India probably many of them do not know the following facts. The so called IPL is a copy cat of the World Series cricket of 77-78.In my opinion all cricket players of present generation should worship Kerry Packer in a temple or Church. Actually he revolutionized cricket. He introduced night cricket, colored dress, cheer girls on the field, high resolution camera, replays and higher pocket money. Unfortunately ICC did not recognize the records of those matches, because none of the Indian players participated in it, powerful BCCI-- man? One day before Sunil, Bedi, Kirmani and few others were to join packer series, the Australian cricket board authority agreed for the copy right of channel 9, the transmission of games in Australia and elsewhere. From that day cricket became a ‘profession’ and players became rich due to pay hike. Like Hindi films and many such fields we copy others and fool Indian public like our Politician do to us.
Thanking you for reading, because more than ten lines people do not read!
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
Ex- East Zone Player.


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