27 February 2013


1. Morphine: The first recorded medical use of opium was 200BC.In 1803; a German pharmacist isolated morphine and gave the world a medicine to relieve pain and sufferings of patients.
2. Immunization: In 1880 Luis Pasteur by accident discovered anthrax vaccination.
3. Vitamins:  An 18th century naval surgeon discovered that limes (VitC) cured scurvy, a disease that killed more British sailors than wars.
4. Anatomy: A Flemish physician true look at the structure of the human body in 1953.
5. Malaria: In 1902 Ross of British army doctor isolated malaria parasite from while dissecting a mosquito.
6. Penicillin: in 1928 Alexander Fleming, by simple observation discovered penicillin.
7. Cells: English scientist in 1655 basic structure of life.
8. Aspirin: 1897 it was synthesized as ASA, but ancient Greeks knew about in North America.
9. Antiseptics: Carbolic acid had been around for years, but in 1869 Joseph Lister dipped his surgical instruments in it and reduced death by half.
10. Genetics: In 1865, an Augustinian monk discovered that physical traits are passed from parent to offspring through simple experiment with pea plants.
There have been lots of contribution by Indian to medical science but due to poor documentation we can’t say emphatically that, yes our people have discovered it. Indian doctors discovering ATP and anti cancer drug methotrexate and filarial drug hetrazan is credited to Dr.Subbarao and antihypertensive properties of Rauwolfia to Dr.Rustom Vakil.
 All these discoveries of the past with limited equipments and resources are really remarkable. They had patience, perseverance and keen observation power.

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